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The Green Monster logo 5/10/2015 anthonypavone

Bought this car as a replacement to my 98 Suzuki . Got it from a friend for $600 with about 140,000 miles. Needed a new battery, catalytic converter, ball joints, and AC system. Through all this I got the car and loved every second of it. Only thing I ended up fixing was the battery, all others were too expensive a repair. In the time I had it the left front turn signal burned out probably twenty or thirty times. But this car drove like a dream. I drive 50 miles a day and only had to fill up once every week and a half. Sadly I hit a deer after 6 months of having it. Tiny deer hit the airbag sensor at 40MPH and to fix would be $1,000, on top of the other fixes. But now I'm looking for another

Favorite Feature : Power, size, column shifter, gas mileage, great viability. Retained accessory power, fuel filler on the passenger side (great at the pump!) remarkable trunk space, huge rear window (helps when backing up)

Suggested Improvement : Not they haven't already fixed these things, but the thick vinyl dashboard warped so quickly in the sun. Goose neck hinges on the truck were annoying. The wiring went wonky. Three cup holders up front (had the front bench) but only one of them was useful. A full tank weighed down the car quite a lot, but that could have been a shock problem I wasn't aware of.

Average Rating : 4


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