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The Jeep Patriot is a great bargain logo 4/8/2017 John

I previously owned a 2016 Jeep Patriot and I gave it to my son for a graduation present. I went out and purchased another 2017 Jeep Patriot for myself.Love everything about the Patriot ! Consumer reports gave the Patriot a good review. They said it has above average reliability .Go to a supermarket or bookstore and read the review. I can't figure out why the Patriot is on so many don't buy lists. Maybe all their considering is how modern the car is and what fancy stuff it has. The Jeep Patriot has been around for about 10 years and It basically has 10 year old tech.all the bugs have been worked out. The Patriot has anti lock brakes and most of the other safety equipment. It doesn't have accident prevention tech, like most 2017 cars have. That's probably why it's on don't buy lists. The Patriot has a good safety rating except for the small overlap crash test . It got a poor rating on that test. All the other crash testing got good ratings. The small overlap crash testing was just started a couple of years ago and car companies didn't have time to make changes. Many Honda and Toyota vehicles also got poor small overlap crash results.Before the small overlap crash testing started, the Jeep Patriot got a top safety rating. My new Patriot was the same as my old Patriot, It's 4x4 with 5 speed manual. It has crank windows and comes with AC. It's the basic sport version with the all weather capability group. I highly recommend getting the all weather capability group - it comes with tow hooks ( every Jeep should have them ) , daytime running lights , an engine block heater and slush mats. Cost $700 and well worth it because insurance co's give you a discount for daytime running lights. It came with the standard radio am/fm cd. I swapped out the radio with a Uconnect 730 n radio I bought on ebay. Cost $300 for a like new radio that looked like it was never used.The 730 n radio is a marvelous radio and fun to use. Good navigation, good sound and you can download stuff into it. I don't know why anybody would take this radio out and buy an after market radio. Crazy ! Very easy to install the plug and play radio and now my Jeep has navigation and Sirius radio This radio would cost $1200 if it was factory installed.You Tube videos show exactly how to install these radios.Takes 15 minutes to install.Re: the backup camera ,I installed an after market backup camera. Purchased a camera kit on Ebay for $45 and Best Buy stores installed it for $120 . The monitor was put on top of the dash over the vents. It's a flip open monitor and lays flat when not in use and works great when backing up .I think the 2016 model and later has the backup camera wiring pre-installed. There was an extra wire that plugged into the backup camera socket on back of the radio. I assume that's what the wire was. Check out the You tube video by Test driven TV . Sam Haymart gave a good review. He has 2 videos, he reviewed a white 2016 Patriot and a Red Patriot 2 years earlier. The Red Patriot review said it averaged about 24.5 MPG. The White Patriot review said only 20 MPG because that car wasn't broken in and only had a 1000 miles on the odometer. Most people say they average about 23 MPG combined.I made a roundtrip to upstate NY yesterday and drove 498 miles. I drove 230 miles up and it took 8 gallons of gas to fill up again. That's 29 MPG with 10 percent ethanol gas and I partly drove in stop and go traffic thru NYC and was carrying about 600 pounds extra weight with a full tank of fuel. So figure at least 30 MPG with regular gas with no ethanol and driving on level highway. Upstate NY is very mountainous. I drove 268 miles down and used 8.4 gallons . 32 MPG. Cruise control gives you 6 percent better MPG and the engine oil cooler ? Everything Sam Haymart says about the Patriot is correct except for MPG/ the radio and the acceleration. He says the acceleration isn't good. but he's wrong. The Patriot can go from 0-60 in 9.5 seconds and it's class average. It's definatly not underpowered. It can tow 2000 pounds with an engine oil cooler installed. It cost $100 for the engine oil cooler kit and $230 to install it. Don't have a dealer install it. I paid $18000 for my Patriot and I insisted on free oil and state inspections for the life of the car. Get a Capital One credit card and charge $4000 and get $625 back.Get a car loan at Pentagon federal credit union ,0.99 percent interest for 4 years . Very easy to join even if you're not military. just ask them The Patriot is a joy to own and drive. I'm 6-6 and weigh 260 pounds. The headspace is huge in the Patriot, there's 2 inchs over my head ! and the seats are made for big people. The back seat space is more than adequate for medium sized family members up to 6 feet. I can sit in the back with the seats all the way back if I put my legs on both sides of the seat. Plenty of cargo space and the interior is nicely layed out. Watch the Sam Haymart Patriot reviews, he gives an excellent review.

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