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The Korean Problems logo 4/27/2016 Cooper Michael

This car/suv is the worst car i have ever owned, AC/fan/heating unit was replaced for 1100$ at 30,000, power steering went out at 34,000 and cost 800$, headlights go out every month and its hard and time consuming to replace, now the engine has a dropped valve with a bent camshaft at 72,000 miles. These cars love belts and timing belts THEY EAT THEM!!!!!!! this car gets the worst mpg. Its rattles a lot and it idles poorly. Also if you own a Sorento check your oil every 800 miles it eats it. when you put your foot to the floor it will stay in 4th gear at 5,000rpm stays at 88mph and when you go into semi-auto you can't up shift it is a 5 speed trans.

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