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The last passat review you need to read. logo 9/11/2015 Christian Schroer

Its like this, no one does it like the Germans do. Remember that. This car has a soul. It will ask for what it needs. And you better cough it up or it will betray you. Off with the bad first. Scheduled matinence is here to help you. Follow it to 120k than worry about the big stuff down the road. If you actually do what the people who engineered this car intend for you to do, it never fails, and even the wear you get just adds character to the car. It eats brakes, and at 4750 lbs, no one is sure why anyone is surprised by this. On a positive note, every time you get in, youl want to rub your shiny VW emblem and you will grin like an idiot when you snap out your switch key and gracefully start up in one fluid motion. Underway, the Passat is a lock and follow machine. Not car. Machine. I have never owned a car that spoke to my soul like a VW. When you walk away, you will look back as the small horn blips when you lock it. You may find yourself showing off the fact your windows go up and down without getting in the car, and you can turn the stereo on while the car is off. When you have the Monsoon audio system cranked around 80% or so with a new-to-you CD of your favorate music in the trunks changer, you find that vibes flow in the wake you cut through the air. Your friends will want to ride with you. You will walk outside at 3am to smoke a cigarette and watch the gleam of orange light from the streetlamp reflecting off your sharp 6-spoke allow wheels. If you see that Passat as ugly, simple, or basic, great. You have never owned a Passat. This car is art. And if you see it as such you will understand why people own these cars. This is not a race car. This is not a off roading car. in fact, its not even a car built for being really great at any one thing. But that in and of itself is exactly why you should buy one. VW just made something...that's really good at just being a car. And there is something to be said for that.

Average Rating : 4


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