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The Lemonader logo 7/28/2015 Irv King

I purchased a new 2003 Passat GL 4-door sedan. Not including regular maintenance, here are the repairs headings taken directly from my receipts: CV Boot. MOC Cleaner. Light bulb. Power steering Pump. Battery. Coolant Leak. Serpentine belt, AC belt. Power steering pressure hose. Timing Belt. Brake light. CV boot. Driver headlight. Coolant leak. Transmission fluid leak. Cam tensioner seal leak. Rear coolant flange coolant leak. Axle boot. Engine & transmission mounts. Coolant leak. Master Power Window switches. Vacuum check valves and connecting hoses. Automatic transmission service. Brake boost vacuum mechanical failure. Headlamp. Coolant bottle and multiple coolant leaks. Axles/CV boots/CV joints. Recharge A/C system. Power steering leak. Glove box door latch broken/replaced. Coolant leak. Thermostat cover. Engine leak/pan gasket. Axles/CV boots/CV joints. Passenger headlamp. Radiator hose leak. Front lower spoiler and hoot strut replaced. Rear shocks and front upper link bushings. Splash guard/front grill replaced. Anti-lock brake system. Cooling system and oil leak. An average of more than $3,000 a year for repairs over the last 6 years. Worst car I have ever owned. THE LEMONADER.

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