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The little Jeep That Could logo 9/12/2015 RWFORD

I bought this car new in 2008 when they offered the lifetime warranty. I also purchased an extended lifetime warranty to cover the non powertrain components. 1st brake job at 95,000 miles. 2nd brake job at 179,000 miles. Runs great nd is a little work horse. 80 foot tree fell on house and this little jeep pulled it off the roof and down the driveway to be cut up. Gas mileage has been as high as 30 mpg in summer months on the highway but always in the 25 mpg combined unless towing. Right now the issue is who's lifetime is going to be the longest the Jeep or mine. The only complaint that I have ever had is the noise during acceleration. As far a being sluggish, I think being able to hit 90 + mph on a freeway entrance is more than acceptable. The real problem is the driver's that think you should enter at 45mph. At this writing I have185,000 + miles and does not use any between oil changes. I have used synthetic since the 1st 1000 miles.

Average Rating : 5


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