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The Longer I own It, The More I Love It logo 5/2/2016 Chicago Kris

My Versa doesn't have CVT. Maybe that's the reason why I don't have transmission issues. It also doesn't have ABS or stability control. The only major items fixed are the muffler all the way through the catalytic converter because of rust caused road salt during winter. I believe I didn't gave it enough car washes so I learned my lesson. I bought it brand new in 2006 when it was newly released. Taking my car to the dealership for maintenance makes the difference. After replacing the drive belt, some engine idling noise were gone. I average less than 5k miles per year. I no longer have warranty but maintaining it costs less than buying a new car. I planning to keep it until 100k miles or 6 more years.

Average Rating : 4


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