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The Luxury Car with Prius Gas Mileage! logo 4/4/2017 Weedo

This car is truly way ahead of the game. Looks amazing; and much better in person even. The ride, drive, feel is excellent. Having owned Prius & Camry Hybrid, I can tell you Honda has REALLY upped the game. The Accord Hybrid rides like a mix of the Lexus quiet/smooth with the BMW steering and road feel (a good mix of both anyway...). The tires give up long before the feeling of any lean comes in. AVERAGE MPG: we're averaging 51.4mpg with both me and my wife using this car for daily errands and running around. We do mostly city driving. Probably 80% city. Our Camry Hybrid, which, was an excellent car, averaged 38.x with both of us driving the car (I tend to get 2-3mpg better than my wife). Both run 0-60 in the 7s which is plenty quick for the once in a while time you need it. What's even better is passing. If you're merging onto the freeway, say, at 45-50mph and want to get up to 70, it gets there QUICK! Nothing like instant electric power! Everything about the drivers "area" is great. Very large, comfortable seat, plenty of head and legroom (I'm 6'3" 200lbs), the steering wheel is perfect, gauges are perfect, everything is where it should be, and with a very high quality of fit and finish. We went with black on black as it gives it a very sleek look (I always hated the tan or gray choice in the Camry Hybrid). This is the $30,440 model which we were able to buy for $25,373. An unbelievable $5,000 off MSRP. What other $25,000 car comes even close to the look, size, feel, luxury, quiet, and gas mileage? Currently none. I've owned more cars than i care to share, and this is at the top of the list of "best cars for the money i've ever driven". Even if you didn't care about the 50mpg average, this is an excellent car!

Average Rating : 5


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