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The Most Practical Car In Existance logo 9/10/2015 Allen in VA

I purchased my Crosstrek new in February. This was my first new vehicle, and my first Subaru. Mine came with a rear view camera, leather interior, and some other nice features. I was highly impressed from the very beginning, and 7 months and 7k miles later, it looks and feels as good as new. Terry VW/Subaru was amazing to work with and I highly recommend them. Lifetime power train warranty! Anyway...the only complaint I have about the car is that it feels just a tad underpowered. But the CVT certainly helps the feeling. The fuel mileage is impressive in my book. The day after I purchased the car, it snowed about 15" deep, so I tested it out. I had very much difficulty getting it stuck. I actually had to try. I buried it in snow over the wheel well plastics, but it kept coming, like it was laughing at the snow! My 4x4 pickup was probably embarrassed. The interior is wonderfully comfortable. Within a month of purchase, I had to drive from VA to AL, then to NJ. I wasn't even sore. There's plenty of storage for your average person. I've folded down the rear seats and put small desks and such in with no problem. The Bluetooth and radio quality are much nicer than what I'm used to. This car handles extremely well. Even in snow and ice it refused to stop moving forward. In highway driving, it can feel a bit numb, but in corners where the suspension has some compression, you feel very much in control. Short of a more peppy engine, I don't have one complaint about this car. you cannot go wrong with a Crosstrek!

Average Rating : 5


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