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The pain of loving a nightmare logo 3/6/2015 Sarah Elizabeth

I've had my nissan for 8 yrs and she ran smooth when all was proper but I was one of the unfortunate owners that ran into a bad catalytic converter. Common with this car 02-06. Started with a simple overheating issue. Once the water pump, radiator fans, and thermostat were all replaced it no longer overheated codes read bad crank/cam pos sensor, fuel ratio issue 0420. replaced the sensors, soon followed by a head gasket fix and new valve cover gaskets, played nice for a few months then started misfiring bad again out of nowhere because soon to be diagnosed bad catalytic converter. engine hasn't seized so time to take it apart again and see if it's worth fixing. Total Nightmare.Update: sold the car, never fixed the cat or redid the head gasket, really not worth the trouble if you ask me. I bought a Honda Accord for less than the cost if those repairs, and honestly the cost maitnance on that car in comparison is truly a relief.

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