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The Perfect Commuter Car logo 9/8/2015 Michael Lincoln

This is a comfortable and reliable car to get you to work each day. It does not excel at anything and is very predictable. The exception is the Sync infotainment. Specifically the Applink function is hit or miss each day. I can blame my cellphone as it updates itself weekly or monthly, and Sync never updates. However, it always fixes itself when you disconnect the battery and reconnect. Other than that, I recommend you get this model used as it somehow depreciates to a lower amount than the same year Fusion, which it is based on. Maintain it and keep it clean. Lastly, use all the money you save with zero repairs and get a nice sports car, motorcycle, or boat you can have fun with on the weekends.Update 9-11-16: It is still a great car. Sync is a dud - at least Bluetooth works. Can't be bothered with disconnecting battery cable. Paint and interior holding up perfectly. Very quiet, very comfortable. Handling not as great as a BMW but did not pay alot for the car. No repairs - definitely a keeper.

Average Rating : 4


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