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the perfect vehicle with one exception logo 7/8/2016 trailhawk owner

2016 trailhawk 3.2v6. The one exception, infotainment. uconnect 8.5 un is a nice big screen with good layout and easy to use. However, the voice is horrible. robotics, old, very poorly executed. It cant even do the most basic thing right. Texting will test your ability to not punch the screen. After say a very BRIEF and usually wrongly translated text your present by a female giving you options, like, add to message, redo message, bla bla bla, finally it gets to where it beeps and you can say send. Why won't they give us an option to shut the system up and just automatically send the message when done talking. It's mostly translated wrong text anyway no use trying to correct it. Instead, you have to wait FOREVER to send the dang text. After replying to two or three texts your ready to rip out the system and through it out the window!! MOST ANNOYING is the AUTO ac system. it simply doesn't work!!! If it's 100 deg F in the car and you set temp to 60 you still cant even hear the fan running. the system is SO reserved in how it utilizes the ac that it's worthless. To sum it up, a perfect vehicle ruined by what could be two simple software fixes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Average Rating : 5


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