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"The same but different!" logo 4/6/2017 Mimazdaman

I already have a "16" soft top MX5 and couldn't pass on the chance to get a "17" RF. That's allowed me to drive them back-to-back. Soooo . . . how do they compare? First, they are both tremendously fun to drive. You'll definitely be looking to take the long way home in both cars (preferably on some winding roads) to fully enjoy how well they perform. Both of mine have 6 speed manuals, which I think increases your involvement. I would have to say that overall performance is very similar in both cars. With the roof closed the RF is definitely a little tighter and, therefore, quieter. Surprizingly, you get a little more engine and exhaust feedback, which I'm liking. Operation of the RF top is easy. There is quite a bit of buffeting with the top open and windows down. The targa top definitely restricts rearward vision. Living in Michigan I'm seeing the RF as the perfect early spring, late fall and possibly winter(snow tires?)MX5 . . . an all weather interceptor. But, when summer rolls around around and sun comes out and the temperatures start heating up I'm still going to need my "rag top"!

Average Rating : 5


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