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The Short and Tall of Driving a Subaru Outback logo 8/31/2015 Marty in Jacksonville

I am almost 5'2" and my husband is 6'6". We both fit fine as driver and passenger - a big challenge to find something that works for both of us. I only wish this vehicle had seat memory (a button to push to say it's me or him). The only drawback to this car design inside is between seat and center console is a black hole of lost things. I saw something I can buy to block that slot so I won't have to get a stick, a hairbrush, or whatever, to reach between there and retrieve keys, money, and pens. It's like a magnet for dropping things into there. Currently, I see a french fry and an M&M, and for the life of me, cannot get it out! We bought this car used (2001) and took it to the NC mountains, where it drove around sharp mountain curves like a champ, hanging on tight and not making the passengers feel like they're going to be thrown out. Our other car is a 2001 GMC Jimmy 4WD, which is a tough old car, but you have to nearly come to a stop to turn a corner and it's a big time gas hog.

Average Rating : 5


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