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The Truck I've Alway's Wanted!!!!! logo 12/6/2016 Jamie Crawford

I've owned several trucks in my life. But, when I was in the Army I bought an older base model 2wd Toyota truck. It had the Manual Transmission which was a blast to drive. I put that little truck through it's paces, especially when I went Deer hunting. After I got out of the Army and got into Law Enforcement, the idea of owning another Toyota never left my mind. I'm a big fella with 5 children, so I knew if I was going to get another Toyota, it would have to be the 4 door model. I also wanted a 4x4. So I finally found one back in 2013. It's a 2004 Tacoma, 4 Door and 4x4. Since I've had it, I know that I will never own another truck unless it's a Toyota. Now that I'm a single Father of 5 children, ages ranging from 14 to 4, all of us fit comfortably even with my 4 year old's seat. The previous owner had placed an alarm on it, which made it make that aggravating sound every time I used the remote to lock it, so I quickly disabled it. But other than that, I absolutely LOVE my truck. I've only had to use my 4 wheel drive "low" a couple of times when Deer hunting. It's amazing, of course the turning radius while in 4 wheel low isn't the greatest, but I think that's the case in most 4x4 trucks. But I was pleasantly surprised when I had to use the 4 low, and how easy it was to get me out of my situation's. The only negative thing I can think of about my truck is the clock location. It's located a little lower than the steering wheel and if I need to see what time it is, I have to look around the steering wheel to see it. Other than that, I think it's common knowledge that a Toyota vehicle is reliable and with regular maintenance, will last you for a very long time. I wished I could afford a new model, but maybe after I win the lottery, I guess I should start playing it first. But like I said, when it's time to pass my truck down to my boys, I will not buy anything other than a Toyota. They look great, run great, have good safety features, are fairly economical and will last it seems like forever, depending on how the owner drives it and maintains it. I'm a Patriot and I buy American made products when I can, but in my opinion there isn't an American made truck that's half as reliable as a Toyota. So drive safe, wear that seat belt, and I hope that whomever reads this has a blessed day. God Bless America and I hope God Blesses each and everyone of you.

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