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The Underadvertised Wonder logo 6/14/2017 C.Nowicki

I love Hondas. I have a '92 civic 5 speed with 287,000 miles that still gets 40+ MPG, and a ''98 van with a V Tech and 276,000 miles that just brought a dorm full of furniture piled to the roof home for the 4th time. Both are in great shape, and my mechanic tells me they are both good for 500k. We'll see. So for my daughter's college graduation, after extensive research, I bought her a used 2015 Fit EX. WOW. We took a road trip from NC to PA through West Virginia to test it out. It got over 42 MPG. We had to fill it up once when we got to our destination. It climbed the WV mountains fluidly and powerfully without excessive downshift. The "Lane Watch" is super and helpful when merging right. The ride is smooth, the steering is terrific with a tight turning radius, and the handling is comfortable and responsive. There is a ton of headroom, and lots of legroom in the back seat. The only negatives are the road noise (which is similar to my van) the touch screen radio...complicated to adjust, knobs are much better, and the seats are flat and fatigue on long drives. An extra half inch of foam would be appreciated. Today my daughter left for a month of job training, with almost all of the same dorm room contents in the back of that little car, as I had crammed into the full size van. Flipping down the seats for cargo mode is effortless. Truly amazing! She loves it, and so do I. It is a 5 star safety rated fun to drive cargo handling wonder! Why isn't Honda advertising this car?

Average Rating : 5


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