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The vehicle you buy for all the wrong reasons logo 12/9/2016 Darin B.

The Chrysler Town and Country is awful in nearly every single way, right down to the stupid key FOB that makes you feel like a toddler every time you start the van (hint: it's built entirely out of plastic, even the part that goes into the ignition). There are only three reasons people buy this vehicle: 1. They are a die-hard Chrysler supporter or they are under the false impression that it and its sibling the Dodge Grand Caravan are the only way to support domestic jobs (the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna are both more American, according to parts origin, than the Town and Country). 2. They don't have enough money to buy a better van and get the same features. 3. They haven't done enough research to know that there are better options. We fell under the second category. Since we were buying used and the Odyssey and Sienna actually hold their resale value, the Town and Country was the only like-new used vehicle we could afford. After owning it for awhile, I wish we would have just purchased an Odyssey or Sienna with 100,000 miles. First and foremost, it is horribly uncomfortable. The front seats are adequate. Beyond that, you're going to be miserable. It is a traditions that the captains chairs in minivans are like a king's seat. In this vehicle, they're awful. This is because Chrysler wants to sell vehicles on lingo such as Stow N Go because they know they can't measure up otherwise. Stow N Go is convenient. However, it means the seats are thinly cushioned and oddly inclined so they can fit into the floor. The back seat is even worse. I'm 34 years old and I can barely get out of it once I sit there. It's like it sucks you in down hill, and you're stuck. We have two rear facing car seats and have to put ridiculous amounts of padding underneath the seat for it to sit level enough. The lack of leg room in the third row makes it so, with the car seats, any passenger outside of the first row is going to be miserable. I can't peg it down to one particular thing (other than possibly too high of windows and black seats and trim, but the interior also feels like a dungeon, like you're trapped in some sort of cave. I drive most of the time and appreciate the seat controls and that the steering wheel moves up and down as well as in and out. Despite seemingly limitless driving positions, my neck always hurts severely after long drives. It's one of those vehicles where you just can't get comfortable period. On the road, the Town and Country seems to be relatively quiet and handles bumps decently. The handling isn't great. When I'm locked in at 70 m.p.h. on the interstate, I feel like if I had to attempt any emergency handling, we would end up in a pile of rubble. My Mom, who has never had a panic attack otherwise, has a panic attack when she has to ride in the back of the van because it feels so dangerous. The transmission is clunky and has extremely hard shifts sometimes. The motor seems to be strong and runs smoothly. However, the fuel mileage is horrible. Don't trust the overly-optimistic information the vehicle gives you. Your mileage will almost always be 2-3 MPG worse than the van's information center tells you. Looks wise, the only uglier minivan is the Nissan Quest, but of course that opinion will differ from person to person. If you truly research it (and believe me, I over research everything), a minivan is safer than most vehicles. Therefore, the Town and Country overall is very safe. However, it failed miserably in the IIHS small overlap crash test. That type of crash is rare, but if it happens to you you'll probably lose your leg and maybe your life. I think about that every time I enter the van. Competitors such as the Sienna, Odyssey and the new Kia Sedona all passed this test. If you buy this vehicle, you will regret it. I know I do, every time I climb behind it's wheel. The only people who may like it are empty nesters who are only going to use the front seats. Anyone else who likes it is likely ignorant about the better options that exist.

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