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The Way Car Driving Should Be logo 7/6/2016 kkal

You will read many reviews on how the 2012 lacks when compared to the 2013 and newer models. For instance, Bluetooth is not standard on the LX model, and the back-up camera became standard on all 2013 and newer models. With that being said, I was able to use this information to my advantage and bought the 2012 LX model at a very nice discount! I spent $50 and bought a good quality Bluetooth headset, thus saving quite a bit from having to either get an EX or higher model or buying a 2013 and newer model. Regarding a back-up camera, there are kits available that will actually connect with the I-MED screen on the Civic and the cost is fairly inexpensive. Basically, you can purchase a 2012 model using these key points at a huge discount and just pay a little bit more out of pocket to incorporate Bluetooth and a back-up camera! What I love about this Civic is how simple, yet refined it really is. I feel like cars nowadays are driven more by computers than the actual driver! I really like how I feel so much more in control of driving, yet at the same time, I have those basic electronic features that keep me safe (ABS, Traction Control, Many Airbags, etc.). The Civic is also surprisingly very smooth even at high speeds. The stock tires are great for gas mileage, but only so-so with wet/winter roads, so definitely look into some better quality tires (make sure they are low-rolling resistance to maintain high MPG!). The backseats surprisingly have a decent amount of legroom, though it would have been nice if the Civic had cup holders integrated in the side door pockets like other vehicles (however, you can fit small plastic bottles on the side). The trunk size is decent for a compact car and I have been able to fit 3 medium-large sized suitcases for the airport just fine. Really, all this vehicle should ever need are fluids, tires, brakes, and other basic maintenance, and it should last forever (I change my transmission fluid every 30K, Synthetic Oil every 5K, and other fluids every 60K or as recommended). After driving this car for 1 year/17,000 miles, I would give this car a 4.5/5, showing that although there are a few minor imperfections, remember, this is a Civic, and this car will get you from any Point A to Point B! Simplicity, with a few nice toys, at its finest!!!

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