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There is a reason this is such an automotive Icon! logo 3/27/2015 DRGibbs1984

So here's the deal, this is my only car and I daily drive it year round in Toronto. It had 118,000km on it when I bought it and two years later I've put on another 50,000km. Its fast, sexy, comfortable, built to last a lifetime, quite practice and oh so much fun! We've take it on long road trips, to the cottage, to get groceries, fishing... you get the idea. With just an engine chip and a few little things it runs 11.7 @ 120 MPH in the 1/4 mile... plus when the snow flies the AWD makes it I've owned a lot of nice cars and I'm convinced this is automotive perfection. Timeless design and these things are only going to be going up in value - just look at the 911 Turbo's of the past.

Favorite Feature : Power, AWD, Rear Engine fun, 6-speed manual, Looks, Bullet proof driveline!

Suggested Improvement : None - Just stop procrastinating and go buy one!

Average Rating : 4.75


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