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Theses are a gamble to own. logo 4/4/2015 bpminme

The '06-'11 Civics have many little issues. Bad quality paint & clear coat. Buzzes and rattles in the interior. Auto transmission is lazy to down shift, too eager to up shift. Window switches are tricky.Odd placement of hand brake.Lack of head roomThey have some pretty bad major issues too.The cost of labor to replace the starter can exceed the cost of the starter itself.Rear trailing arms can fail.Engine mounts prone to failure.'06-'08 and some '09 Engine blocks can crack, Honda may not replace for free, even though they say they will (see Honda's Technical Service Bulletin 10-048).Brakes are also sub-par compared to what they could be for the car's MSRP.

Favorite Feature : The placement of the speedometer grew on me quickly. I realized what they had done was put a lit digital speedometer just inside the driver's vision. You can see the vehicle's speed without taking your eyes off the road.Seats are comfy, cabin is quiet. Great for long trips in my opinion.Engine power is adequate, MPG is excellent in my case. I often got 35+ mpg in the summer driving 65-75 mph with the AC on.Sharp looking car.

Suggested Improvement : Honda should have:Re-designed the trailing arms, and engine mounts.Used better paint and clear coat.Been more careful casting engine blocks. This was likely a quality control failure.They also should replace any and all R18A engines that have cracked within the 10 year limit (see Honda's Technical Service Bulletin 10-048).

Average Rating : 3.25


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