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They don't make em like like they used to logo 5/1/2016 Charles

GM should not have stopped making the B and D body cars.. Roomy, stylish,quiet, comfortable a few words to describe the car. This is the second Roadmaster I have owned and I love it as much as the first one. Car rides like it's on air and has velvety smooth surge of power from the bulletproof 350 LT1 V8 engine. Mine also comes with the G80 limited slip differential. The engine is both powerful and efficient I can get up to 30 mpg highway. This car is such a pleasure to drive much better than anything gm makes today.GM replaced the Roadmaster with wannabes like the park ave and lucerne. Car does not smoke during cold start nor does it consume oil or need to be jump started if left for a month not being driven and the engine can go 300,000 plus miles before needing a rebuild. Vehicle is not perfect however it could have used disc brakes in rear instead of drums and windows sometimes fall of tracks, limited slip differential should be standard. Theres alot to love about this car, parts are cheap when it needs work and it is very safe in an accident. Overall a great and highly underrated vehicle .

Average Rating : 5


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