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They Got It Wrong Again! logo 7/26/2015 Mr. Naselroad

First off, forget everything you just read!! The reviewers get their kick backs from the auto industry anyway. Was looking for a compact SUV/Crossover for the wife. Found this little gem and 7 months later, we couldn't be happier. We purchased the 2015 High Altitude Edition with 2.4 and 4 wheel drive (actually just transfers to AWD but jeep calls it 4X4). Main reason for purchase was price, but so much more to this vehicle. In FWD mode, we are getting 23/24 mpg in town and 28/30 highway mpg. I can't really tell you mpg in AWD because we rarely use it, even during the last Indiana winter. The FWD pulls the nibble, light weight body through almost anything on the road. While it is a compact SUV, the interior is very roomy. We have friends and family who own both the Ford Escape and the Honda CRV and they feel cramped in comparison to the Patriot. The heated leather seats are extremely comfortable and fit both our larger frames without feeling "wedged in". The cargo area is large. While it's Cubic volume may be smaller than some of it's competitors, due to it's shape, it will hold a lot of items and appears larger. As a matter of fact, my brother purchased the Cherokee and the Patriot cargo area is more useful and appears larger than it's big brother's. Let's talk about ride comfort. The Patriot is no Cadillac by any means, but we feel it has a smoother ride than any SUV/crossover we have owned/driven (GMC Jimmy, Toyota 4-runner, Ford Explorer, Dodge Journey)! While the interior is sparse, it is well thought out and very ergonomic to the driver. All controls are easily reached and simple to operate without distracting the drivers attention from the road. The handling is very responsive and doesn't have that sluggish feel as in some other vehicles in it's class. The 2.4 4 cylinder is not going to throw you back in your seat, but has more than enough power for interstate driving, actually you will surprised how easily and effortlessly the engine gets up to speed. As for the tranny, unlike the article states, the 2015 Patriot comes standard with a 6 speed transmission not the CVT. The CVT is an option, but you would be hard pressed to find one on the dealer's lot! For $21,000.00, out the door, we have a vehicle that has all the bells and whistles that would have cost us 10K more in any other vehicle. Do yourself a favor and go drive this vehicle before you buy into the crap written in this article! Options included for 21K purchase price, heated seats, leather seats, power sunroof, remote start, custom 17" rims, 2.4 liter with 6 speed automatic, 4 wheel drive (AWD transfer lock), leather wrapped steering wheel, and heated outside mirrors! Find that in a Ford or Honda and you'll pay upwards to 30K! Most of all, my wife loves it!

Average Rating : 5


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