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They got me "For Life" logo 5/24/2015 priusdriver101

I got an excellent deal on this XC70. The ride, seat comfort, power, and space make it the perfect vehicle. I only owned it for 1500 miles (It was an investment), but I am now sold on Volvo. I did have some issues: The siren stopped working (sunroof stopped working too because of this (weird, I know), and the timing belt needed to be replaced. Many people would say that wagons are lame, but this car has POWER. Fuel economy is just like any other Crossover SUV. The style is awesome. I wish mine had the Third row jump seat. And the nav. Great car. I have fallen for them, and now they have me "For Life"!

Favorite Feature : Seats, space, power, looks.

Suggested Improvement : Make jump seat standard.

Average Rating : 4.875


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