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Think twice or roll the dice logo 8/2/2015 J C Bollinger

4 months after buying a BRAND NEW 2015 Chevrolet Impala and the paint is flecking off of the ENTIRE front end of the car!!!! A 40K car and GM has not been very nice to me. They have blamed me for this. It started off as a little defect in the paint on the front bumper and over a two week time period the problem GREW to HUGE area the size of my Torso. It looks so bad that I'm utterly embarrassed to drive this car. The paint actually flys off of the car while I'm driving it. Now my family and friends make fun of me for driving a Chevrolet. Its so embarrassing. This is supposed to be the crème of the crop flagship sedan of Chevrolet and only now that the car looks like it has 400,000 miles on it will the dealership do anything about it. GM has just totally lost me as a customer. I feel ashamed that I spent so much money on this car. This is the NEW body style people. I've already had three break downs since buying this. Left me stranded twice. I thought GM had changed since the bankruptsy but apparently not. Buyer BEWARE!!!!!! Should of bought a KIA. They have better paint jobs.

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