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Think twice logo 7/25/2015 Jordan Bocanegra

I was so excited when I purchased my 2012 Hyundai Accent (from a private seller with 53k miles) it is my first car and I found it very stylish. It doesn't have much to offer on the inside, no cruise control no Bluetooth but I loved it... For about a month. The car is so low to the floor that simply tapping the parking barrier when parking can damage the undercarriage. Something I didn't know until my check engine light came on and I brought it to the dealer. Turns out my av compressor got pushed back into the radiatior, and long story short it cost me 2600 dollars in repairs. One month after buying it. Another thing is when you're driving the car it won't go past 45/50 mph until it goes over 2k rpm and that's an annoying trait in a car especially if you highway drive. Knowing what I know now I wouldn't have purchased this car. It's not the worst in the world, but definitely not the best.

Average Rating : 3


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