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Third Ford Corporation Hybrid logo 6/16/2016 Fred

This is my third "Ford Corporation" hybrid. First was a 2010 Ford Fusion (great vehicle), Second, a 2012 Lincoln MKZ (another great vehicle) and this one, a 2014 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. I purchased the 2014 Lincoln solely because it has "killer" looks, very eye-catching and the newest battery technology. I've had no problems with ANY of the hybrids and the gas mileage is fantastic. I really like Ford's hybrids because they look like "real" cars, not like "insects" as in the Toyota Prius. There's only a couple of things I would change, one is the CVT transmission (I don't care for the "drone" sound it makes under hard acceleration {although it does perform well at all highway speeds}), the second is a larger fuel tank and the third is the many touch screen prompts (I prefer buttons/switches and knobs). Dealer service is great, showrooms are high class and personnel are very friendly. Additionally, Lincoln does not charge extra for the hybrid edition. A nice feature is when sitting in traffic, the battery pack heats and cools the interior of the car without running the engine and only comes on temporarily when the battery pack needs to be recharged and that only takes a few minutes. Can't buy a better vehicle. One other issue I'm concerned about is the premature wear of the Michelin tires, although the tires are not a Lincoln issue, these tires do not wear as well as other Michelin tires I've had. The tires are rotated and balanced every 5 thousand miles.

Average Rating : 5


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