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This car is a piece of junk logo 4/4/2015 joe_bob

I have spent many thousands of miles in this car and hated most of them. I had a perfectly good back until I came in contact with this car. Now I am on humira and many other medications even though I am only 18 years old. The sun-visors in this broke with 30,000 miles. It worse in snow than the CRV. The parking sensors do not work my mom has backed into many things with this car because of this fact. The stereo is terrible and has almost no bass. The seat heaters where broken when the car came from the factory. The GPS can't find our house. The stero and GPS is very hard to use even for an A+ certified tech. The backseat is tiny and won't fit an adult. The trunk is horribly undersized.

Favorite Feature : No favorite features

Suggested Improvement : Put in the seats from the civic. Fix the heaters in the seats. Fix the parking sensors. Fix the GPS. Fix the stereo. Make the backseat bigger. Add more legroom in the middle and back rows. Make the trunk big enough to hold a weeks worth of grocery's. Fix the defective front middle and rear seats. Improve the build quality and reliability. Improve the horrible gas mileage and handling.

Average Rating : 1.25


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