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This car is an amazing machine. logo 3/29/2015 elt2jv

Dodge really hit the perfect blend of retro styling and modern performance. Aesthetics are always subjective; you either like the looks or you don't. Empirically, the interior is very nicely driver-centric and easy to access all functions and features. The 8.4 Uconnect system is great and easy to use. Ride and comfort are sporty, even in "Street" mode, but still very comfortable. Performance is, of course, breath-taking. Absolutely beastly power at your command, but still can get 23 MPG on the freeway (manual).Summary: A true muscle car with all the modern conveniences of a luxury coupe. Not for everyone, but for those who want one, you will not be disappointed.

Favorite Feature : POWER. 485 bhp of power. This IS a muscle car. Smoke the tires; blow the doors off the slow-pokes in the right-hand lane; make the Kessel run in 12 parsecs POWER!Selectable drive modes (SRT model). Actually feels like a different car in each mode.Rear visibility enhancement technology features. Lots of ink spilled about the "lack of rear visibility", but it's not that bad and the options available alleviate a lot of the issues.Comfort. Seats are nicely done. Heated AND ventilated front seats. Ride quality is excellent while still maintaining performance feelSpace. Rear seats actually fit adults. The trunk is quite large, even without folding down the rear seats.

Suggested Improvement : Manual transmission is a bit of a chore at times. (and I'm a long-time MT driver) Not un-driveable (in fact it can be quite fun) but it seems like they could dial the "grok" factor back a notch or two. (Centering spring is quite stiff; shifting can be a little clunky).Harmon Kardon 18 speaker sound system is a bit underwhelming. That many speakers and 900W of power should be able to break things. It doesn't.Build quality is a bit, well, domestic. Interior is actually quite good, but exterior has some questionably aligned pieces and suspiciously plastic-y trim areas. Nothing deal breaking, but a detailed inspection will find a few items. Durability over the long haul TBD.

Average Rating : 4.75


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