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This car is DANGEROUS! Worst software ever! logo 6/12/2016 NoLongerAFan

1) Left my wife stranded -- Put the car in reverse, foot on brake, not moving, then pressed the stop button. Car locked her out and wouldn't start. Had to mess with locks and start button for 30 minutes before the car 'reset' itself.2) Transmission is UNSAFE! -- 9 speed can't find the right gear, car stutters, will LAUNCH you downhill. Low speed driving is terrible, can't maintain a constant speed. Seems like really bad software making gear decisions.3) Lane assist is DANGEROUS! -- Can't help you at all, will not hold the lane. Hey Honda, either you steer or I steer, but whoever is steering better be really good at it. Steering is NOT a cooperative activity! Don't "assist" me with steering unless it can be trusted.4) So many little software problems. Remembers the seat position incorrectly.5) Worst entertainment center ever. Seems designed in 1998. Can't use the nav while moving, seriously? I can mess with the radio all day, using the most confusing and distracting software ever devised, but I can't use the nav?6) The car 'Dings' at uss constantly and randomly. It's trying to tell us something, I have no idea what it is saying. DING .. wait a few minutes -- DING!Who wrote the software for this car, my kids could have done a better job!

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