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..........This car.........let me tell you, logo 7/30/2015 Nate

I have owned this car for seven months. This is the third car that I have owned and in the last month alone I have had more problems with this car than all previous cars combined. Three weeks ago I had the entire gear shift pop out of place. I couldn't shift out of drive. I couldn't get the stick back into the setting. If it was not for the dealership getting me in that afternoon, I would have been extremely upset. NOW this morning, I hop in my car and there is no audio...... the console is on, everything works, just there is no audio. I understand that the lack of audio is a petty thing to get upset about. But in a brand new car like this, I should not be having this many problems. I love the way this car drives, handles, the interior comfort, etc. There are very few things I would change, but if this car continues to crap out on me, I will never buy another Nissan and suggest future potential buyers to stay far away from the Nissan Rouge 2015.....very far away....

Average Rating : 2


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