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This diesel is not enjoyable logo 9/7/2015 Edward Kauffman

I love the sound of a diesel engine, and I appreciate the great fuel economy for a vehicle of its size. This VMI V-6 motor is totally adequate in power output. Highway cruising and passing are effortless. There are some glaring negatives, however, that limit my enjoyment of this motor. Foremost is the profound turbo lag that, on leaving a stop, causes very little response from the motor for about one second, then suddenly a rush of acceleration. It so substantial that it makes one look like a beginning driver abusing a clutch. One can avoid this behavior by loafing away from a stop to a speed of about 10 MPH before accelerating more vigorously; this requires changing driving habits specifically for this vehicle. This turbo lag is also seen at higher speeds when the motor is loafing and at low RPM, when suddenly asked for more power. The motor requires very expensive ($8-10 per quart) low ash diesel qualified oil, and expensive oil filters. After my first oil change at the Jeep dealer the check engine light came on because the ash filter in the exhaust system had become totally loaded. By contrast, the ZF eight speed automatic is wonderful; one is minimally aware of it working. The vehicle is a real highway cruiser. It is very quiet and pleasant for roadwork. I have had limited exposure to off-pavement travel. What experience I have makes me question the value of its "Trail Rated" status. The front bumper airdam is so low that it easily scrapes on small boulders here on our Arizona dirt trails. The ground clearance (without the extra cost air suspension) is about the same as my wife's Subaru Forester XT. My online reading leads me to believe that one can not easily remove this low airdam for off-road use and then drive at highway speeds with it off. So in reality this Jeep is a crossover vehicle with super-nice all wheel drive capability, but inadequate ground clearance to challenge moderately rough trail use. I suspect that Jeep gave this vehicle its "Trail Rated" status after testing with the airdam removed.

Average Rating : 2


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