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This is a fun car to drive logo 6/23/2015 allsmiles277

I love this car. It may not carry but 365 pounds but it is fun to drive. The battery pack was the biggest drawback with this vehicle but time has made prices come down so I am not as concerned about the price of the a battery pack now. My IMA light has been on for the past 5 years and I am still driving it around. More and more people are knowledgeable about hybrid vehicle. I have watched many videos on the internet which show how to remove battery packs.

Favorite Feature : Mileage is the big deal with this vehicle. I get 60 mpg on the highway and in the 50's around town. I love to drive this car on good smooth pavement. Driving on other than smooth pavement and this car will beat you to death.

Suggested Improvement : The biggest improvement would be to get the weight rating above 365 pounds. I got rid of the Bridgestone tires and had some Kumho tires installed and it rides so much better. I wish the battery pack was a little stronger but I am pretty happy with the car as it was sold. My radio and speakers are pretty bad and I will replace them soon. The spats over the back wheel need a better way to keep them on the car beside Dzus fasteners. They are not reliable. A bolt with lock nuts is a much better idea.

Average Rating : 4.625


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