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This is not a sports car, it's a luxury car logo 4/14/2015 jw_l

Had an Acura for over a decade and it was as reliable as the day I bought it. I was hesitant to buy the V6 model after the safety recall, but decided to get one after test driving the 4-cyl and the V6. All the dealerships pulled the defective V6 models already. To start, yes, there is a little lag on acceleration, however, this isn't meant to be a sports car (although the V6 offers Sport and Sport+ modes). I haven't experienced jerkiness on the transmission as other reviewers talked about. It's a smooth and very comfortable ride! Love that Sport mode gives you stiffer steering. Really reminded me of my previous sporty car. And, if you prefer the fast acceleration, use the Sport mode.

Favorite Feature : V6 push button gears are great! I shift between Econ (31+ mpg), Normal (28-29 mpg) to Sport (27 mpg) often. The Cross Traffic camera is a nice function when those other drivers zip through parking lots and you can't see them. Love the Blind Spot cameras (V6 models have them inside the car which is nice). The Lane Assist and Collision Mitigation systems are very on point (I tested out every feature). The stereo system is probably the best I've seen--it's literally throughout the cabin. The sound is phenomenal. While I know most reviewers find the double screens confusing, I actually like it. I like my technology and you don't have to be tech savvy to learn the functions.It's VERY comfortable!

Suggested Improvement : A power telescopic steering wheel would be nice. My other Acura would lower the radio music when voice guidance was activated which I appreciated. It can be a little confusing if you have the music up and the voice guidance is equally as loud. I've driven the car over 1k miles and these are the only 2 complaints I have.

Average Rating : 4.75


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