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Thought it would be a better buy,to save money. logo 6/17/2016 Jim

My sister bought me this mini van seeing it.I've been down on my luck with working and had very little money.To me it a okay van,but I've drove the dodge caravans and they have more power and hold the road.better then mine.we paid 3,300 for the,van and the first three months I've put 1,500 more into the front end,and still have more to do on it.seems it's go's through front end parts quit's had a new account put in it 900, bucks.And the guy we got it from put over 4,000 dollers into it's 17 miles a gallon keeps me stopping for gas quit often.And I just realized that the back seat dosent fold all the way down.witch I'd like .I just hope it last me a's got 180,000 miles on it now so I'm worried.wish I'd gotten to look at it before I got it.Oh well.make the best out of it I guess.

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