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Thoughts from an SRX driver logo 12/8/2016 John

I took my SRX in for warranty work and was given the XT5 AWD as a loaner for one day. Here is my thoughts based on the 55 miles I put on it. The XT5 is similar to my 4-month-old SRX in terms of pricing and trim level. However, the XT5 is very different in the following ways. Engine: newer engine with auto-start-stop function and a newer transmission. Secondly, I noticed right away that the led lights are standard and the headlights are not halogen like the similar trim SRX. The XT5 does have the auto start/stop where the engine could be automatically turned off at a red light (by the software). When you step on the gas pedal, the engines turns back on. The car, also, switches between V6 and V4 mode depending on the power needs, similar to Honda's VCM technology. The ride is quiet, smooth, and sure-footed. However, I did feel that the SRX's engine delivers quick power when demanded while the XT5's engine has to figure out how much power the driver needs before delivering it. So there is a brief lag time since the software has to decide between different modes (V6 vs V4) to deliver power. On the positive note, the XT5 is very fuel efficient compared to the SRX. The nagging windspeed noise originating from the panoramic roof on the SRX seems to have been resolved. The placement of several buttons on the SRX, such as parking brake or Onstar, have been moved around. So there will be a learning curve for the SRX drivers when they upgrade to the XT5. Most importantly, several "digital" buttons on the SRX's CUE (ex. such as heated seat button) have been replaced with actual buttons on the newer model. The CUE seems to be more responsive on this upgraded model but there is still a decent amount of time needed to learn it if you are not familiar with the system. The most important difference is the new, redesigned seats. They are more comfortable than the SRX's seats. My XT5 did come with collision warning, cross traffic alerts, and the seats do have a vibrate function to alert the driver of imminent dangers on the road. Finally, XT5 has a bigger interior and seems less heavy while driving when compared to the SRX. Overall, it is a decent improvement over the SRX. In other notes: if you have a larger family or require more space than the XT5 but cannot afford to break the bank trying to purchase an Escalade, my recommendation is to hold off till the XT7 comes out in 2018-19 timeframe.

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