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Three years later and no complaints logo 8/19/2015 Mr Ed

I bought my 2012 Genesis 5.0 new and as my 2nd Hyundai. My first Hyundai was a 1987 Sonata. So, I had a brief 25 year interlude between Hyundai's, but man on man what a difference a generation makes. I immediately changed the wheel, trunk, and steering wheel emblems to the Korean wings (removing or covering the flying 'H') and no one knows what I'm driving. I've had people in parking lots as me how I like my Bentley ;-) And I tell them just fine. The 5.0 V8 gets V8 gas mileage in the city. On the interstate for traveling I average 30+ miles to the gallon thanks to Hyundai's economy mode. What, exactly, does ECO mode do? I dunno - I dun-care, but it works! Driving comfort is second to none. Get up and go is gone up and went. Living in the metro DC area and driving the beltway frequently I've found myself having to yell, "whooo nelly" when I accelerate to get onto I-495 as she will ever so smoothly go to speeds in excess of the speed limit in zero-2-nothing flat. Truck space - two sets of golf clubs and extra room to spare. Back seat - lots of compliments from passengers in the room they have. Ride: The ride is so smooth on both city and highway roads. Tire tread wear is holding up nicely - no issues. All other wearable items and not to much for wear. All in all I couldn't be happier and I'm looking forward to getting all of my warranty (ten years) out of this car.

Average Rating : 5


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