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Tight, secure, easy to get into and out of logo 8/28/2015 Robert R Shaffer

I'm 75, wife is 70-- we picked the Renegade Limited as a nice compromise between the Chrysler 300 (which I'd prefer, but find it hard to enter and exit) and the German Smart car (which was a little too small and not that easy to enter and exit). This Jeep Renegade Limited proved very easy to enter/exit, and the luxury features I love are there too. I've owned sports cars, so I can appreciate thr Renegade's tight and responsive handling-- full throttle on a curving freeway on-ramp lets you feel the g's, but the Renegade gives a secure, no-slip road hug. Have owned for 5 months now and continuing to find nice features usually found only on more expensive vehicles-- like the back-up camera and collision warning system, awesome navigation/entertainment console, remote start, anti-theft festures, the list goes on and on. My wife says she feels more secure and safe in the Renegade Limited then any previous car-- airbags everywhere, seats that hold you surprisingly comfortably, and seat backs that would actually prevent whiplash due to position of headrest. I would not limit this model as only for young adults... this old fart is really liking his Renegade!

Average Rating : 5


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