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Tire eater from hell !!! logo 6/14/2017 Doctor Tire Eater

I bought this loaded 2015 c 400 with 9oo miles from the local Mercedes dealer on December 31, 2016 for $41k. A good deal, but...It eats front tires to such a degree that I now regret buying it. As usual for the C 300 class, the front tires are smaller than the rear so you can't rotate them. At 8500 miles the front tires were worn out. These Continental run flats cost $675 for two of them. The luxury and power are seductive, but the relentless depreciation and high maintenance cost make me wish I would have just bought the juvenile Subaru WRX or super juvenile ( according to my wife) WRX STI. I like driving in the mountains twice a week but the maintenance costs of my C 400...really all Mercedes...make me regret purchasing them. If I drove in the mountains daily, I probably would only get 5,000 miles out of them!

Average Rating : 5


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