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Tires worn out in less than 3 Months /2000 miles logo 4/6/2015 mohini15

I was shocked when I looked at the tires of my new I3 that I bought two and a half months back. Rear tires have lost their tread completely. I mean completely that the steel wires are showing.The car had been wobbling and shaky from day 1 even at 25-40 mph speed . Took it to the dealership and they said it has small tires and this is usual. My other friends who have this car had the same tire experience in 6 months.I am totally distraught with I3 experience .

Favorite Feature : QuietKids find it a cool looking car..

Suggested Improvement : *Very Flimsy car.*Back door design is very inconvenient.*I have gone on range extender for a short distance only twice but you can hear a lot of noise, as if engine will collapse. So always reluctant to drive on RE.

Average Rating : 2.25


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