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To Buy or Not to Buy a Limited Edition VW ? logo 8/27/2015 P. Gregory Frey

I have been a VW fanatic since "small kid daze". When the 2010 VW New Beetle (Gen. I) was announced, I then was driving a 2007 VW New Beetle convertible, Triple White Edition (also a Limited edition, but not a NUMBERED limited edition as is the 2010 Final Edition). I immediately sold my 2007 Triple White, and sought out a 2010 Final Edition. I bought 1361 / 1500. I wrongly thought it would have the great features of the 2007 Triple White. It didn't. Sadly, it does no have the "red (LED)-light" door lock indicator on both door locks (only on the driver's side -- CHEAPENS the 2010 Final Edition. The 2007 Triple white, with the same "all white interior seating, had headrests with the great VW Beetle logo (same one that appears on the floor mats). Classy. The 2010 Final Edition does not have the logo embossed on the headrests. AGAIN, the 2010 Final Edition is CHEAPENED. Other bad things, at least to me: A) Parts simply don't withstand the test of time - the windshield wiper motor has already died (after only 5 years), and it's about $700.00 to replace & repair. Also, the headlamp covers crack easily, and have already started to fog; B) the promotion of this car was terrible. The 2007 Triple white had fantastic catalogs and brochures about the car. Yet, the 2010 Final Edition spend no promotion money at all. NO catalogs. NO brochures. NOTHING an owner, like me, can retain as part of the car's history. Comparitively speaking, the 2007 Triple White put lots more money into it than the 2010 Final Edition, and it shows.

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