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Too basic a vehicle logo 9/10/2015 SFM

I have a Nissan Versa Note as a rental car until my auto is repaired. Coming from a SUV to this is an eye opener. This red Versa Note is cute. The engine is pretty peppy, with one person in the car. The radio is fine as is the A/C. The drivers seat is also comfortable. I don't feel safe in this car. It's very small and has a very thin structure. Backing up is especially difficult. I'm use to a backup camera , but the versa is difficult to gage what's in back or the rear sides of you. Did I mention it has roll up windows. Makes me laugh. Haven't seen roll up windows for over forty years. The windows don't concern me either.This is a case of spending a little more money for a Safer car.

Average Rating : 3


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