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Too many Major Repairs logo 5/13/2015 dustync

I want to love this car. It has a very smooth and quiet ride, gets good fuel mileage and it Sparkles! But two issues makes it a Love/Hate relationship: First, the climate control has been doing it's own thing for some time now. Now and then it starts blowing out super-hot air, no matter what temp it is set on. Going back to the dealer for second repair. The front windshield is extremely pitted after only 34k miles! aerodynamics? cheap glass? ( I do not tailgate). At the current pace, I will have to replace it by 50k miles.*update June 28 2016: I have owned this Chrysler 300 for a little over 2 years, and 45,000 miles. It has spent way too much time at the Dealer for major repairs. And getting the repairs made are extremely frustrating. Apparently, Chrysler does not like to acknowledge defects. My entire Dash had to be removed to repair a faulty climate control system. This was only completed after 2 prior visits, where I was told that the system was working per "Chrysler specs". And then the Transmission! Oh Boy! This started early on, maybe after just 10,000 miles, It was shifting quite roughly, sometimes not knowing what gear to go into.. and heavy clunking (like a bad U-joint on an older model car). Numerous complaints and visits to the dealer, just to be told that the mechanics found it within "Chrysler Specs". The car was recently at the dealer for 5 weeks (5/16/201 - 6/21/2016), waiting on a NEW TRANSMISSION. And I seriuosly doubt that my troubles are over...

Average Rating : 2


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