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Top+ Safety, sporty, versatile, and highly fuel efficient logo 5/11/2015 newenglandguy

The Mazda is a pleasure to drive, with an eager engine and responsive and precise steering. On the highway with adaptive cruise activated, the car is on its way to driving itself; all we have to do is steer. Or, if we take more assertive control, the car lives up to its Grand Touring name. And, we’re very comfortable either way. Mazda undersells their engine technology. They have boosted thermodynamic efficiency by increasing the compression ratio to near-diesel levels, achieving near-diesel fuel efficiency on regular gas. Oh, but without the particulates, and while retaining the “zoom, zoom.”Our Mazda’s blind-spot warning beeps for mall shopping carts, and for dicey lane changes.


Favorite Feature : The heads-up display makes it easy to check your speed while keeping your eyes on the road. Next turn navigation information also cleverly appears there.The Bose audio system offers superb sound, clean and crisp with authoritative bass; better than in some luxury cars.The navigation system is straightforward to control, especially via voice commands. And it gets you there.We leave the wipers on auto, and they find the right speed from intermittent to frantic. Similarly, the auto light setting turns on the lights and high beams according to how dark it is and whether there’s oncoming traffic, auto-dimming accordingly.The key fob is kind of magic; I just keep it in my pocket.

Suggested Improvement : The navigation system once drew an annoying blank when we stated an address. It just timed out without asking for a repetition. One feature we miss is a seat adjustment memory; it’s a bit of a nuisance to fiddle with the seat each time my wife and I swap the car.A quibble that could be significant for some is that an adjustment for the heads-up display is buried under several submenus. Luckily, my wife and I seem to end up with our heads aligned at more or less the same angle. Otherwise, that would be a total pain.I'd prefer it if you could roll up the windows and close the moonroof after turning off the car.I would also prefer a setting for daytime running lights.

Average Rating : 4.75


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