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Torque monster and extremely fuel efficient! logo 9/8/2015 Marcelo Murillo

I will start with the only thing that could be improved and that is the transmission. I have the DSG transmission and it is great and refined at normal driving speed (15 mph plus) However it is a bit rough when coasting to a stop, driving through a parking lot and other slow situations. It seems there is more low end torque than the transmission knows how to handle and when it downshifts from 3rd to 2nd to 1st gear it is not as smooth as other non-diesel non DSG cars, the dealer checked the transmission and all was good no defects were found. Everything else this car aces, fuel economy is off the charts, build quality is what you expect from VW which is excellent, no squeaks or rattles, the interior materials are solid and not cheap, ergonomics are great and I love the no nonsense designs of the controls. The car handles great and the 2.0 turbo diesel has loads of torque which makes passing and merging into a freeway a breeze (no drama it just builds speed) Road noise is better than other cars I've tested on this segment and great for long journeys, front seats are very comfortable and there is great leg room for the back occupants (I'm 6' tall). Trunk space is actually surprisingly good and mine came with a first aid kit. When it comes to fuel economy this car is a star especially on the highway, I never get less than 550 miles per tank and have gotten as much as 610 in a trip from Florida to Michigan. In conclusion I highly recommend this car to anyone. I've owned this car for almost 3 years and I bought it used with only 5k miles on the odometer.

Average Rating : 4


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