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Total piece of garbage logo 6/15/2017 Mark Jacquette

I've been driving Ford products for 35 plus years years by far this is the worst car I've own. I always said I will purchase nothing but a ford. After owing this edge I will purchase anything but a ford. Ford will not stand behind what they build. Still have issues with the handling with no resolve. I now have moisture forming in the tail light also large water droplets inside the tail light.s Ford will not cover this under their warranty. I've been told by the dealership this is an ongoing problem and the cost could run $3000.00 With no guarantee the new lights will not have the same issue. Paint issues bumper and hood and fender alignment is terrible. Ford will only cover the work needed on the hood. The fuel rating is 28 on the highway if I drive at 55 to 60 mph I may get 23 mpg at 70 it's under 20. Also have issues with the sync works when it feels like it. Ford will do nothing to resolve the problems. Stay away from the Edge and Ford they just don't care about their customer or the product they build. If I could rate this with less than a 1 star I would give it a negative 10 total garbage.

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