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total quatro fun logo 8/29/2015 gary m bouvier

I have owned my tt for 15 years now and have just had my first bad experience with it. the repair shop charged me 400 bucks to replace an o2 sensor and it still ran like crap...they wanted another 700 to fix the problem...well...first of all this has been the best car ive ever owned, I normally do all my own work and have made some major upgrades such as brembo brakes and rotors, heavy duty torsion bars, larger turbo/ exhaust/ racing ignition..from audi..larger tires and rims but these were made when they needed replacement, except the turbo which I still have. I have driven this car from main to calif to florida to washington. fully loaded with my wife as copilot and were extremely comfortable. Even with the extra hp..about 300..I still get 34 mpg highway and have had fun with a few dodge challengers with their hemis. I'm due for some shocks and a timing belt and hoping I find a reasonable shop to do that. my only [non-permissible content removed] is with audi, the dash acted up almost as soon as I bought it and they replaced it, then about a year later it happened again and I had to pay the second time. well it screwed up again but I have never gotten it fixed, the temp gauge never says its warm and the gas gauge light comes on at 1/2 tank saying its empty. in 2001 they changed the analog part of the dash and from then on their hasn't been a problem. but audi never admitted their was a problem until 2010 and then you had to be the original owner of the vehicle to have it replaced, well I was exempt because I already had mine replaced..another scam. so I live with it and its really not that big a deal. the car has been used for everything from hauling construction material, groceries, cement, windows and doors, 2x4s. camping gear, moving. and my work car everyday. I love it and wish audi would make a motorcycle.

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