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Tough to find a better car at this size logo 8/9/2015 Orly

We shopped for almost a year before we made up our mind on this car. Cars we considered : Toyota, Acura, Lexus, Volvo, Nissan. We got out of a 2012 Odyssey Touring Elite and wanted to keep the space but make it a little more grown up. All other choices are great but here is what we found: All other cars a pretty much useless in the 3rd row for adults but I being 6'2" fit in the back seat comfortably in the Pilot. There is actually space that you could load something with the 3rd row up (Most other cars had no space at all). Very spacious front row seats , better than in the Odyssey for people with long legs. Safety equipment is off the chart. For a car with a factory entertainment system its hard to find a lower price. And for all the people that say this looks like a minivan, go look at it in person. It is much better especially with the 20" rims on it. Trust me I hated driving the Minivan, this is a welcome change. The pick up on this car is outstanding, I have to drive it in eco-mode to not speed!Car handles very well, no idea what people are saying about a bad handling, FYI this is a big and heavy car but it handles great. It has electric steering which has multiple upsides but one of the downsides is some disconnection with the "feel" of the road, maybe thats what they are talking about? This car is more quiet when driving than my $60K Lexus. Quality inside is outstanding for the cost. Some suggestions for improvements. Flip down armrest to be a little stockier. It isn't flimsy but it looks it. Maybe its just mine but the transmission is a little jerky on the downshifts. I will have it looked at, maybe I'm just too picky.

Average Rating : 5


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