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Toyota prefers you get in an accident vs avoiding! logo 8/13/2015 Jeff Lorenson

I was driving down the left lane of a 4 lane road and made a quick lane change to the right lane to avoid a car making a left hand turn that stopped abruptly. A mile down the road my power steering went out. I took it in to a dealer to figure out what the problem is and it was the power steering gear. The cost of $3000 to fix from a part with a defect. I called Toyota to see if they could help or do something with the cost of fixing it being their part failed while avoiding an accident. They said there is nothing that they were willing to do because it was past 36,000 or 3 year warranty on a 2012 Toyota Tundra that has 57,000 miles on it. If i had gotten in the accident, it would have cost me $1000 to fix my pickup instead it costs me $3000 to avoid an accident. Toyota as a company seems to think that is the right thing to do. They basically are making it that it would have saved me money to get in a potentially fatal accident versus avoiding it and there part flawed part breaking and them backing up their product. The reason why I think the part was/is flawed is that the dealer nor any of the other service garages that I called have ever heard of this happening before! Great job Toyota of standing behind your product and making it cheaper for someone to get in an accident instead of standing behind your product!!

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