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traction control and stabilitrak systems 2nd time logo 8/21/2015 vbwolf1

Has anyone experienced your 2011 Traverse having a sudden loss of power and loss of acceleration followed by error messages for both the traction control and stabilitrak systems?? This is the 4th trip to the dealer when for my car losing all power following by the above error messages. There is no warning only ding.ding..ding and loss of power!! The dealer has said it was a sensor problem, then tried taking out the transmission and working on its sensors, and today they say it is a throttle body issue. Help! Has anyone else had this issue and what finally fixed your car?? Thank you for your help! My car has been having this issue for the past 8 months and has about 65,000 miles. Prior to this there were no big issues or problems with the car.The first time the dealer thought this was the computer board and at the cost of $1009.00 I am still having issues. Called Chevy main number spoke to Gwendolyn and she is going to ensure the dealership in Waldorf Maryland fixes this problem she personally is going to call the dealership. I told Chevy this car is not reliable I am afraid to drive my car. Its only 5 yrs old with 67,000 miles and is acting like 20 yr old car....This year 2010 and 2011 needs to be investigated for possible 50 state recall, to pay all repairs from here on out because of this issue...I was coming from the vet today and the car just powers down, all controls read nothing ( no water, no gas, no speed, everything is off the charts)...this is scary, you can make the car go because the gas isn't going through the car. Something is stopping everything.

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