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Traded a 2014 for a 2015 logo 8/29/2015 SJ

This is our third Focus. First was a 2005 which was very economical to drive. Bought a 2014 SE automatic last year and liked it but there were a couple of options I wished I'd gotten with it. A couple of things I didn't like about the '14 were no 12V plug on the dash and no lock buttons on the doors. Traded it in for the 2015 SE this year and glad I did. Everything I didn't like on the 2014 was corrected on the 2015, 12V plug on the dash, lock buttons on the doors, etc. I had no problems with the shifting on the 2014. Not as smooth as a full size car but it it shifted fine for the 12,000 miles I had on it. You have to realize even though it's an automatic you feel it shift like a standard. If you don't like power shifting get a Fusion. The 2015 does seem to shift smoother than the 2014 and has the manual shift paddles which I tried and they work but for me the Focus shift points are fine in automatic so I wont use the paddles much if ever. I got the 2.0L engine for the power with larger wheels and get a steady 34 mpg around town. Longer trips on the highway I get a little better (mid to high 30s) but don't hold back on the speed. This car handles great. I drove others in this class Toyota/Honda/VW and this one is the most fun to drive. Electronics work fine and blue tooth and USB work as they should. Sync voice commands are still a challenge if you don't speak clearly. I like having both the analog and digital gauges on the 2015 (the 2014 only had an analog spedo). The heat/AC controls are great on the 2015 as there is a individual on/off button for everything including each vent/defrost. No more trying to figure out which position on a dial to use to heat your feet and the windshield at the same time. All in all the 2015 hatch is fun to drive, handles and looks great, and has enough room for our two large dogs in the back.

Average Rating : 5


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